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SMS Blogging

From tweeting to blogging via SMS — you can now use @tweetitow to post a full-length blog. This is made possible via Posterous. Please read the mechanics first on how to post to Posterous via @tweetitow before you start texting your blog updates. (Click here.) It will then be Posterous who will autopost to your other blogsites (in case you have other blog sites) — wordpress, blogspot, livejournal, drupal, and others.

To update your blog via SMS:

1. Switch to Posterous mode or selectively update via Posterous.

2. Put a ‘|’ (vertical bar) or ‘^’ (caret) after the Title of your blog. This is to separate the ‘blog title’ and the body. Following is how you will compose your blog from your mobile phone:

p blog title| body of the blog

SMS Blogging: How to Separate Title and Body of Blog


p blog title^ body of the blog

SMS Blogging: How to Format Title and Body

Formatting the Body of the Blog

If you want the body of your blog to be more than plain text, you can add html to your SMS/text message or use the Textile Markup to ‘format’ your texts. Textile Markup is like html formatting but they are just more user-friendly codes, easier to remember.  To know know more about it and to get a complete list of Textile Markup codes, please click here.

Following are the basic Textile Markup which you can use:

Emphasis or Italics: Use _underscores_ around text to be emphasized.

Format: _a phrase_

Strong or Bold: Use asterisk (*).

Format: *a phrase*

Deleted Text or Strikethrough: Use -hyphens- around text that has been deleted.

Format: -a phrase-

Hypertext Link: To make a hypertext link, put the link text in “quotation marks” followed immediately by a colon and the URL of the link.

Format: This “link word”: works.

Examples Using HTML and Textile Markup

Bold Formatting

Using HTML to Bold some Words in your body

The above text will appear like this below.

How it Appears on Website

Bullet List Formatting

Using Textile Markup for Formatting a Bullet List

The Bullet List Formatting using Textile Markup

Hyperlink Formatting

How to Format Hyperlink Using Textile Markup

Hyperlink Formatting Using Textile Markup

It is time to level up — from 140 characters to more than you can think of as long as your mobile network provider can handle it!


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  1. justafallacy / Dec 30 2009 12:11 am

    how to customize my website? I already have a Posterous account but it won’t post there. :( help?

  2. pedrosantosjr / Apr 9 2010 7:23 pm

    I am a huge fan of Posterous and although I’m not sure if I will be posting to it via text, I still am wowed by this option. Tweetitow is cool! I just hope that you guys stick around because the service is just too good.

    Keep it up!


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