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MMS / Send Pics (BETA)

We are currently beta testing sending a twit pic via MMS on @tweetitow. This way you will have a more twitter mobile experience. This is only available to Globe numbers for now, as we are still on beta. Also, make sure your twitter account is public.

How to send picture / photo / image to twitter from your celphone using MMS on @tweetitow?

Make sure your MMS / GPRS settings of your mobile phone is configured. For some tips on how to configure your MMS / GPRS settings, click here.

1. Send your picture via MMS to 2373.

2. Put ‘7033’ on your subject field.

3. Add your message or tweet to the body field.

4. Then, SEND.

Format for sending twit pic via MMS to @tweetitow from your phone

Format for sending MMS to @tweetitow


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  1. Cutie Pie / Aug 31 2011 7:45 pm

    I can’t view my pic uploaded. :( It say’s that
    “Sorry, this user has marked his profile private.”
    but my profile is not in private mode. What should I do? :/

    • Rose Buenconsejo / Sep 1 2011 7:19 am

      u need to make ur twitter profile set to public

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