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LOVE Pours

Thank you very much for those who share with us their love offering via GCash and Paypal. Once we reached $25 (minimum amount to lend), we will then put the money in our Kiva Lending Team @tweetitow to lend it to fellow Filipino members of Kiva. In this little way, we are able to help Filipino entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Big thanks to

Via GCash










via Bank Deposit


Via Paypal





Right now, we receive a total of P406.00. Once we reached around P1,000, we will forward to By the way, I encourage you to join the @tweetitow team in Kiva.


Update 11/11/2010

We now have a total of Php 1426.00! It means we can now sponsor a fellow Filipino Kiva. This is such a wonderful way for us to end the year.

We’ll update once the sponsorship is done.


Update 11/11/2010

Another love offering just came in. So we now have a total of Php 1526.00.

Thank you. It means a lot!

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