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02/23/2012 / Rose Buenconsejo

.@tweetitow Server is Dead. Needs Replacement. Only 23737033 is Working. New Team. Pls RT

Hello, everyone! The downtime of @tweetitow has nothing to do with our previous message about shutting it down this end of February. After 2 years plus of service, the local server which carries the receiver / sender of updates went dead. And, this time it needs a new replacement. It can no longer be aided with just restart.

With the death of server, following are affected:

* you cannot use the standard Globe and Sun numbers.

* For those with credits, no mentions for now.

* only the 23737033 is working since this one is with the Globe Labs. This number is free to Globe #s, P1 to TM users, and I’m not sure how it works with other networks.

* no new registrations can be done for now.

On the brighter side, we’re happy to say that @tweetitow will continue. It will not be stopped this February. I hope this comes as good news to you. Thanks to a couple of friends who will take over the operation and maintenance.

But we have to ask for a little more patience as we need a bit more time before we can put all things back to life. We need time:

* for finding and setting up the new server

* and transitioning to the new team — @fredbaa, @odina_, and few other friends. By the way, unlike @owrange and @markjeee, these 2 are not a couple and are more way younger than us.  These two will soon be adding more blings and whistles to @tweetitow. If you have any wishes you want to see in @tweetitow, feel free to comment it here or message them.

fred baa -- Ruby on rails programmer based in Cebu, Philippines


Odina Abellana, Ruby on Rails programmer based in Cebu, Philippines


I will soon post a more lengthy introduction of the new team. And, please do say hello to them.

Thank you!

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  1. Jay / Feb 23 2012 6:24 pm

    Thanks – will send in the great news to fellow tweeps.

    Hi guys!

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