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05/07/2011 / Rose Buenconsejo

@tweetitow is testing GlobeLabs SMS/MMS API – SMS #23737033 / MMS #2373

Good News: @tweetitow community has never stopped growing. Thank you all for the continuous usage despite being crappy at times.

Bad News: It has grown so much that @tweetitow system is at the point of being exhausted. The downtimes are frequent. Thank you for all your patience.

Good News: We contacted Globe Labs so we can test if having an official number / connection from them can solve the frequent downtimes.

Good News: After some discussion with them, they agreed to let us run a beta test. Globe Labs API is provided to people wanting to create SMS-based application (in the development stage) so they mostly limit to not more than 10 numbers. (If you have an SMS/MMS-based app idea, you can connect with GlobeLabs to get you started).

Last Monday (May 2, 2011), we turned on the Globe Labs SMS/MMS numbers they provided us for beta testing. While on beta, sending SMS / MMS (yes, you can now send pictures / images to @tweetitow straight from your phone. For now, check @tweetitow home page for instructions on how to send MMS) is FREE.

So calling all globe subscribers (for TM subscribers, it’s P1. Pls use the old gateways for your unlitext to work.),  please help us test the GlobeLabs provided numbers. Let’s see how we can break their gateway. =)

@tweetitow Globelabs SMS # 23737033

@tweetitow Globelabs MMS #2373

For sending your pictures / images (most of you will call it twitpic) to your twitter via @tweetitow, please set your subject 7033. We have to do this for now since we’re still on beta. Hopefully when beta will work okay, we can have a dedicate number and we no longer have to deal with setting the subject to 7033. You can add your tweet / message in the body.

For your feedback / comments / suggestions, please post it here as comments, or at or email (she can be bad at replying). We love to hear your thoughts.

Please spread the word. Thank you.

HOW TO SET MMS/GPRS setting of your mobile phone:

1. You can check help sites of Globe, or this

2. You can text:

GO <handset model>,,1234 to 2951


GO Nokia E63,,1234

then send to 2951

If you have tips and tricks, please share.

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